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George W Bush Monument

Don't wanna think about it(uh)
Don't wanna talk about it(uh)
I'm just so sick about it
I can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it(uh)
Feeling the blues about it(yeah)

Don't wanna think about it(uh)
Don't wanna talk about it(uh)
I'm just so sick about it
I can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it(uh)
Feeling the blues about it(yeah)

Who did you think was the fool?
I let you treat me so cruel
This is the moment of truth for you
Do you think your playing is through?
I don't think I can trust you

What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around

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Wall Street CEOs

according to a New York madam....... Wall Street CEOs, lawyers, bankers and media executives chalked up thousands of dollars in prostitution charges on their corporate credit cards -- swiping their cards for $2,000 an hour prostitutes

Among the names the network says it confirmed
* a vice president of NBC Universal (owned by General Electric)
* the part owner of a Major League Baseball team who "loves Kelsey"
* the CEO of one of the country's largest private equity firms who met "Cameron" at the Peninsula Hotel
* a major New York real estate developer who, according to the list, "will come to the door wearing women's panties"
* a partner at the Wall Street law firm Cravath Swaine Moore "looking for a party girl to come fully equipped" and spent a total of $20,000
* an investment banker from Lehman Brothers who saw "Kelsey and Keely together" and later saw "Aria and Skyler at the same time"
* an investment banker at JP Morgan Securities who "loves Brooke" and spent $41,600
* an investment banker at Goldman Sachs who "only wanted all-American girls" and spent $27,000
* a managing director from Merrill Lynch who saw "Lana" using the name "Nataly"
* a managing director from Deutsche Bank "who called about seeing Nataly again"

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Internet threats against President-Elect Obama

WILLIAMS - A New Mexico
A New Mexico woman has been arrested on terrorism charges after police say she rammed her truck into a fuel tanker and tried to ignite it.
police said the woman had threatened customers and clerks to blow up the business and threatened to kill President Barack Obama.

An application for membership in the National Socialist Movement [i.e., an American Nazi group] filled out by Cummings also was found in the residence, according to the report. Cummings’ wife, Amber B. Cummings, 31, told investigators that her husband spoke of “dirty bombs,” according to the report, and mixed chemicals in her kitchen sink. She allegedly told police that Cummings subjected her to years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. She also said that Cummings was “very upset” when Barack Obama was elected president.

Jan 17, 2009 01:27 AM EST
By Julie Straw - bio email

Jackson, MS (WLBT) - A man is behind bars after making threats on the internet to assassinate President-Elect Barack Obama. As it turns out the threat is not the only thing this man posted on the web. He calls himself "Stevie the Playboy", "Trinity" and in some cases "god." Friday 42 year old Steven Joseph Christopher is in jail under federal charges, but what was his plan and why would he want to assassinate President-Elect Obama?

Steven Joseph Christopher spent time on the internet, using at least three different usernames to post about 70 different videos on It was this message posted on that caught the attention of a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service. On January 11th, Christopher wrote, "Yes, I have decided I will assassinate Barack Obama. It's really nothing personal about the man. He speaks well, has a loving although controlling wife and two cute daughters. But I know it's for the country's own good that I can do this. Barack Obama, I view more as a sacrificial lamb, but the sacrifice must take place."

As Christopher exited the federal courthouse in handcuffs, he continued to spew his message. "I'm trying to get people's attention, they were only bluffs. I'm trying to get everyone to listen to me because I have an important message from God," said Christopher. "Everyone needs to move to Florida by December 31st."
His Youtube videos range from jovial to confusing, but the message stays the same. "I do know what's going to go down soon. We all need to move to Florida, this is the end of the world as we know it," said Christopher in a video posting.

Christopher was arrested in Brookhaven. The criminal complaint reveals federal agents found driver's license photos from Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. He posted this picture of his license on the internet. Last February he was charged in Walworth County, Wisconsin with knowingly violating a domestic abuse order. No word on when and why he came to Mississippi.

What about his assassination plot? In his web posting he had a countdown until the inauguration, but wrote he did not own a gun, someone would have to give him one and he would have to "get an easy shot off" because he's never fired a gun before. Now Christopher says it was all a bluff to get attention. Along with the attention, if convicted Christopher could get up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. His bond hearing is Thursday.



Obama threats AP

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

November 15, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) - Threats against a new president historically spike right after an election, but from Maine to Idaho law enforcement officials are seeing more against Barack Obama than ever before. The Secret Service would not comment or provide the number of cases they are investigating. But since the Nov. 4 election, law enforcement officials have seen more potentially threatening writings, Internet postings and other activity directed at Obama than has been seen with any past president-elect, said officials aware of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity because the issue of a president's security is so sensitive.

Earlier this week, the Secret Service looked into the case of a sign posted on a tree in Vay, Idaho, with Obama's name and the offer of a "free public hanging." In North Carolina, civil rights officials complained of threatening racist graffiti targeting Obama found in a tunnel near the North Carolina State University campus.

And in a Maine convenience store, an Associated Press reporter saw a sign inviting customers to join a betting pool on when Obama might fall victim to an assassin. The sign solicited $1 entries into "The Osama Obama Shotgun Pool," saying the money would go to the person picking the date closest to when Obama was attacked. "Let's hope we have a winner," said the sign, since taken down.

In the security world, anything "new" can trigger hostility, said Joseph Funk, a former Secret Service agent-turned security consultant who oversaw a private protection detail for Obama before the Secret Service began guarding the candidate in early 2007.

Obama, of course, will be the country's first black president, and Funk said that new element, not just race itself, is probably responsible for a spike in anti-Obama postings and activity. "Anytime you're going to have something that's new, you're going to have increased chatter," he said.

The Secret Service also has cautioned the public not to assume that any threats against Obama are due to racism.

The service investigates threats in a wide range. There are "stated threats" and equally dangerous or lesser incidents considered of "unusual interest" _ such as people motivated by obsessions or infatuations or lower-level gestures such as effigies of a candidate or an elected president. The service has said it does not have the luxury of discounting anything until agents have investigated the potential danger.

Racially tinged graffiti _ not necessarily directed at Obama _ also has emerged in numerous reports across the nation since Election Day, prompting at least one news conference by a local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Georgia.

A law enforcement official who also spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly said that during the campaign there was a spike in anti-Obama rhetoric on the Internet _ "a lot of ranting and raving with no capability, credibility or specificity to it."

There were two threatening cases with racial overtones:

_ In Denver, a group of men with guns and bulletproof vests made racist threats against Obama and sparked fears of an assassination plot during the Democratic National Convention in August.

_ Just before the election, two skinheads in Tennessee were charged with plotting to behead blacks across the country and assassinate Obama while wearing white top hats and tuxedos.

In both cases, authorities determined the men were not capable of carrying out their plots.

In Milwaukee, police officials found a poster of Obama with a bullet going toward his head _ discovered on a table in a police station.

Chatter among white supremacists on the Internet has increased throughout the campaign and since Election Day.

One of the most popular white supremacist Web sites got more than 2,000 new members the day after the election, compared with 91 new members on Election Day, according to an AP count. The site,, was temporarily off-line Nov. 5 because of the overwhelming amount of activity it received after Election Day. On Saturday, one Stormfront poster, identified as Dalderian Germanicus, of North Las Vegas, said, "I want the SOB laid out in a box to see how 'messiahs' come to rest. God has abandoned us, this country is doomed."

It is not surprising that a black president would galvanize the white supremacist movement, said Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who studies the white supremacy movement.

"The overwhelming flavor of the white supremacist world is a mix of desperation, confusion and hoping that this will somehow turn into a good thing for them," Potok said. He said hate groups have been on the rise in the past seven years because of a common concern about immigration.


Associated Press writers Lara Jakes Jordan in Washington and Jerry Harkavy in Standish, Maine, contributed to this report.

OBAMA'S PLOT #1 Paul Schlesselman
Daniel Cowart
Posted at: 10/27/2008 04:20:44 PM
Updated at: 10/28/2008 09:48:32 AM
Assassination plot targeting Obama disrupted

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal agents have broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee murder spree, the ATF said Monday.
In court records unsealed Monday, federal agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target a predominantly African-American high school by two neo-Nazi skinheads. Agents said the skinheads did not identify the school by name.

Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville field office for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said the two men planned to shoot 88 black people and decapitate another 14. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

The men also sought to go on a national killing spree, with Obama as its final target, Cavanaugh told The Associated Press.
"They said that would be their last, final act - that they would attempt to kill Sen. Obama," Cavanaugh said.
"They didn't believe they would be able to do it, but that they would get killed trying."

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

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It said, "C.H.A.N.G.E. — Come Help A (N-word) Get Elected.

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Sarah Palin protagoniza un nuevo escándalo en video

Hablen a Dios de esta mujer (...) sálvenla de Satanás", lanzó en lo que representa un claro ejercicio de exorcismo. "Dios mío, ábrele el camino. Aporten fondos a su campaña, en el nombre de Jesús. Utilícela para que este país retome su camino correcto".

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LOS enemigos de OBAMA

The Illinois senator has been under protection for more than a year following a string of death threats.

Man accused in Obama threat uses crutches in court
By Don Mitchell, Associated Press Writer
DENVER — A Colorado man suspected of making racist threats against Barack Obama limped into federal court on crutches Thursday and was formally advised of a methamphetamine-possession charge against him.
Therin Gartrell, 28, was arrested Sunday, just before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Authorities said he was pulled over in the suburb of Aurora in a rented truck that contained rifles, a bulletproof vest, wigs and fake IDs, and that Gartrell and two other men had talked about killing Obama.
The U.S. attorney's office later said the men were drug users who made racist threats but had no firm assassination plot and no ability to carry one out. No one has been charged in relation to the alleged threats.
Aurora police say Gartrell had been on crutches when they arrested him. Handcuffed to his crutches in court Thursday, he spoke little and did not enter a plea.
Public defender Ed Harris was appointed to represent him. Harris was not present and did not immediately respond to a telephone message seeking comment.
Arapahoe County prosecutors had planned to charge Gartrell Thursday with state drug and weapons violations, but that was put on hold without explanation.
U.S. attorney's spokesman Jeff Dorschner said it was "best from a coordination standpoint" if the cases against Gartrell and the two other men were in federal court.
State prosecutors sometimes defer to their federal counterparts if a suspect can get a stiffer sentence in federal court.
A federal conviction for methamphetamine possession carries a prison term of up to two years with no time off for good behavior. Penalties under the state charges were not immediately available.
The two other men arrested in the case are Shawn Adolf and Nathan Johnson. Both face federal firearms and drug charges. Dorschner said neither is expected to appear in court this week.
Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


10 de septiembre este video en el cual se presenta una llamada telefónica realizada entres militares venezolanos retirados y activo, en la cual en la conversación hacen referencia a un plan que piensan llevar a cabo para derrocar el gobierno del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez por medio de un golpe de estado.

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sabes mccain donde esta espaÑa o quien es su lider?

EN esta entrevista no sabes quien carajo es zapatero..
esta desconectado de lo que pasa en estados unidos y el mundo..

INTERVIEWER: OK, what about Europe? I'm talking about the president of Spain.

McCAIN: What about me what?

INTERVIEWER: Ok, are you willing to meet with him if you are elected president?

McCAIN: I am willing to meet with any leader who is dedicated to the same principles and philosophy that we are for human rights, democracy and freedom, and I will stand up to those who are not.

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El mundo, El hombre y su existencia

editorial del diario.55
El mundo atraviesa una de las épocas más inesperadas de su historia, tal vez, una de las más inciertas por los desafíos que se presagian y que esconden en sus entrañas un futuro que ya invadió los espacios privilegiados del presente. En los últimos años se han registrado cambios en las reglas del juego en todos los aspectos de la convivencia social, la producción de alimentos y la utilización de los elementos naturales que permiten la supervivencia humana, elementos que afectan al hombre.Las relaciones sociales, la economía y la política son elementos que en la actualidad dependen las relaciones internacionales las que son cada vez más complejas, pero convierten al mundo en una aldea global. Las reglas del juego del avance de la civilización y del desarrollo tecnológico han cambiado radicalmente y de manera dramática, no sólo en los países desarrollados sino también en los que como República Dominicana se encuentran en vía de desarrollo.Lo más desconcertante es que sin duda nos movilizamos sobre una pista de tierra movediza, resbalosa y sometida con frecuencia a fuertes e imprevisibles turbulencias sociales y económicas.En ese sentido existen tres elementos que se han convertido en noticias de primera plana y que todos los días atemorizan al mundo que son el incremento de precio del petróleo, la posibilidad de una profunda crisis alimentaria derivada de la producción de biocombustibles y la guerra de monedas entre Estados Unidos y Europa.Pero como la comunicación ha convertido al mundo en una aldea global y que los países se han hecho dependientes uno del otro, estos problemas se sienten a nivel mundial y chocan de frente con la dura realidad de los países pobres.Es por eso que las autoridades de naciones como República Dominicana están obligadas a revisar la actuación de sus gobiernos y pensar más en los intereses colectivos que en los partidarios y de grupos de poder dominantes.
4 de Julio, 2008 - 10:46 AM

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John Sidney McCain III

GRADUADO EN The National War College

Senador Senior de Arizona
En el cargo
Desde el 3 de enero, 1987
Junto a
Jon Kyl
Precedido por
Barry Goldwater
Sucedido por
En el cargo (hasta 2011)
29 de agosto de 1936Zona del Canal de Panamá (territorio de EE.UU.)
Partido político
(1) Carol Shepp, divorciado;
(2) Cindy Hensley McCain


Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

GRADUADO EN LA Universidad de Harvard, 1992

Senador Junior de Illinois
En el cargo
Desde el 4 de enero de 2005
Precedido por
Peter Fitzgerald
4 de agosto de 1961 (46 años)Honolulú, Hawai
Partido político
Michelle Obama
Alma Máter
Universidad ColumbiaUniversidad de Harvard, 1992
Cristiano, hasta 2008 de la Iglesia congregacional (United Church of Christ)